We assist clients with obtaining liquor licenses and resolving other issues with the Liquor and Gaming NSW and Fair Trading NSW.

We have successfully handled liquor license applications and are proficient in the processes and the policies of the NSW State Authority.

The Fair Trading NSW and its agency arm, the Liquor and Gaming NSW, have been granted broad discretion with respect to their oversight of the manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the State of New South Wales. This means that the government has a great deal of discretion with respect to its evaluation and approval of liquor license applications in NSW.

The government body requires detailed information about you and your business in order to approve your application. The process is detailed and time-consuming, and should be undertaken with the assistance of an experienced NSW liquor license lawyer who can help you to avoid unnecessary delays and costly mistakes.

Prospective licensees must not only be familiar with the statutes and rules in order to obtain a license, but must also be aware of the many ways that one may run afoul of the statutes and rules and possibly loose a liquor license.

ABP Legal can help you to understand the legal framework, prepare your application, and help you to remain compliant. We will also help you to ensure that you remain compliant with the applicable statutes and rules and will assist you in the event that you get a notice of violation.

ABP Legal is also able to represent your business when it comes to dealings with other licensing government bodies such as Health Department NSW and all others.